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Top 5 Tips for Great Nails

Nail Art

For those of you who know me my nails are my pride and joy. I’ve had long nails since I was a teenager and I’ve been taking care of them ever since.

Here are my top 5 tips to keep your nails looking their best.

1. Don’t bite them!! 

I can’t understand why anyone would bite their nails. I know it’s one of those habits that’s hard to break but try to stop if you can. It’s not doing your nails any favours.

2. Cut and File once a week

I always trim and file my nails once a week. I keep them at a reasonable length as if they get too long they tend to break which I don’t want. That would be disasterous!!

3. Moisturise

Use a good hand cream every night. This is good for hands and nails.

4. Get enough calcium in your diet

Calcium is great for strengthening your nails. I don’t eat a lot of dairy but I do try to get some into my diet. Or you could also use a nail hardener such as Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Hardener –

5. Cover up 

When you are cleaning that it is. Protect your nails with rubber gloves when you are cleaning or washing the dishes. My mum always used to laugh at me for doing this. Such a princess thing to do but hey, I love my nails and want them to look nice.

So there you have it. That’s my routine and tips for keeping your nails in great shape. Of course I love to paint them too. I’ve been trying my hand at some nail art recently. Check out my Nail Art post.


If you have any other great tips please let me know.


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