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The Best Mascara

The Best Mascara
The Best Mascara
The Best Mascara

This is my first post in long long time! Unfortunately I just ran out of time with two toddlers to look after plus working as well. I still love to cook and hopefully I will be back soon with some more recipes.

So what else have I been doing?? As you may know I’m bit of a beauty addict and makeup junkie. I was an Avon Lady for a long time until I discovered Younique last year. It’s a Mineral makeup and skincare direct sales company and the products are amazing!! I fell in love with them and haven’t looked back.

Their best selling product is the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It comes with two wands – a transplanting gel and the nylon fibers. Just look at my lashes in the top picture!! If you want long lashes without having to put falsies on then this is it! I absolutely love it! Here is a short ‘how to’ video so you can see for yourself the difference this amazing mascara can make to even the smallest of lashes.

Click here to order yours today –

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Makeup Products I can’t live without

Makeup Products I can't live without

Here is a list of my favourite products I can’t live without. I narrowed it down to my top six essentials.

1. BB Cream – this is like a tinted moisturiser. Apply every morning under your foundation or on it’s own. I’m using Avon’s BB cream at the moment but I also love Garnier’s.

2. Primer – As Napoleon Perdis would say, ‘It’s a crime not to prime!’. Use after your moisturiser but before foundation. It provides a great base for your foundation and makes it last longer. I love Napoleon Perdis, Auto Primer. It is a bit pricey but I do love it so it’s something I always splurge on.

3. Concealer – this is great for hiding darkness under the eyes, redness and imperfections. I use Napoleon Perdis, The One Concealer. As the name suggests it is an all round concealer. Again a bit pricey but it does last a long time.

For highlighting use a light coloured concealer. Use this under the eyes, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and chin. I love Loreal, Dream Lumi concealer.

Tip: Use a peachy coloured concealer to hide imperfections. A light concealer can sometimes draw attention to what you’re trying to cover. Save it for highlighting.

4. Foundation – I can’t get by without at least some form of foundation on. Whether it be liquid, powder or tinted moisturiser. I have Rosacea (redness of the skin) so this is a must for me. I’ve tried many foundations over the years and often try new ones too. At the moment it’s Avon’s Ideal Flawless Foundation. Light weight but good coverage.

5. Mascara – even if I’m going a bit bare faced or for a natural look I always wear mascara. I love Avon’s Mega Effects at the moment. Although I must say it is very dark and puts a lot of product on your lashes.

6. Lipgloss – again even wearing a natural look I always need lipgloss. I swap and change these all the time (I have many) but I do love Napoleon Perdis and Avon. There’s bit of a trend here isn’t there? I’ve always loved Napoleon Perdis and I’m an Avon Rep. I will have to try some other brands too and let you know my findings. What a great excuse to buy more make up!!

Let me know your favourite make up products too.