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The Best Mascara

The Best Mascara
The Best Mascara
The Best Mascara

This is my first post in long long time! Unfortunately I just ran out of time with two toddlers to look after plus working as well. I still love to cook and hopefully I will be back soon with some more recipes.

So what else have I been doing?? As you may know I’m bit of a beauty addict and makeup junkie. I was an Avon Lady for a long time until I discovered Younique last year. It’s a Mineral makeup and skincare direct sales company and the products are amazing!! I fell in love with them and haven’t looked back.

Their best selling product is the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It comes with two wands – a transplanting gel and the nylon fibers. Just look at my lashes in the top picture!! If you want long lashes without having to put falsies on then this is it! I absolutely love it! Here is a short ‘how to’ video so you can see for yourself the difference this amazing mascara can make to even the smallest of lashes.

Click here to order yours today –

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Top 5 Tips for Great Nails

Nail Art

For those of you who know me my nails are my pride and joy. I’ve had long nails since I was a teenager and I’ve been taking care of them ever since.

Here are my top 5 tips to keep your nails looking their best.

1. Don’t bite them!! 

I can’t understand why anyone would bite their nails. I know it’s one of those habits that’s hard to break but try to stop if you can. It’s not doing your nails any favours.

2. Cut and File once a week

I always trim and file my nails once a week. I keep them at a reasonable length as if they get too long they tend to break which I don’t want. That would be disasterous!!

3. Moisturise

Use a good hand cream every night. This is good for hands and nails.

4. Get enough calcium in your diet

Calcium is great for strengthening your nails. I don’t eat a lot of dairy but I do try to get some into my diet. Or you could also use a nail hardener such as Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Hardener –

5. Cover up 

When you are cleaning that it is. Protect your nails with rubber gloves when you are cleaning or washing the dishes. My mum always used to laugh at me for doing this. Such a princess thing to do but hey, I love my nails and want them to look nice.

So there you have it. That’s my routine and tips for keeping your nails in great shape. Of course I love to paint them too. I’ve been trying my hand at some nail art recently. Check out my Nail Art post.


If you have any other great tips please let me know.


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Handmade and DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Collage

Mother’s Day is coming up so thought I would share some lovely handmade gift ideas. I love receiving something that has been loveling handmade and I love making them too. Here is some I found that the kids can help make too.

1. This little teacup with succulents in it is so cute. Looks very quick and easy to do. See how at Confetti and Cleats

Teacup Succulents
2. I really love this hand painted tea towel. This is one the kids can get involved in too. I know my kids would love doing this and I think Nanny and Grandma would love one of these. See how at b-inspired mama

Chevon Tea Towel

3. This is a great idea. Choose some of her favourite beauty products and put it in a Mason Jar. This one is from  The Gunny Sack

Spa in a Jar

4. This is another great one for the kids to get involved in. Gift wrapped nicely and this would be a lovely gift. For instructions on how make these go to Playdoughtoplato

Bath Bombs

5. This one is great for mums and grandmothers who love to cook. See how at Simply Kierste

Hand Painted Apron

6. This looks so simple to do but looks very elegant. See how at Martha Stewart

Monogram Tea Towel

7. Try your hand at candle making and put it in a cute vintage teacup. So cute! This one is from Inhabitat

Teacup Candle


I hope this has inspired you to make something for mum or Grandma this year. Hope you all have a fantastic Mother’s Day.