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New Uncle Toby’s Muesli Bars

Choc Chip Muesli Bars

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I was recently asked to attend the launch of the new re-worked Uncle Toby’s Muesli Bars. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it but they did send me a cute little package with same samples to try.

Uncle Tobys Package

It wasn’t until I moved out of home that I started eating muesli bars. Mum never brought them when I was growing up but I love them now. I like to eat them sometimes for a morning tea snack or a quick on the go breakfast. And now I have kids of my own they like them too.

So, Uncle Toby’s are now reworking their muesli bar recipe for the first time in many years. This is great to see as there is so much talk about how much sugar is in some products that they have reduced the sugar and sodium in their muesli bars. They are still just as yummy and better for us too and now have a 4 star health rating which is great. The kids gave them a big thumbs up too.

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