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Mini Shepherds Pies with Sweet Potato Mash

Mini Shepherds Pies

If ever I have some left over bolognaise sauce I make it into a Shepherds Pie. It’s a great way to get two meals from one sauce.

Just make your mashed potato as usual. I used sweet potato on this occasion as it was all I had. Heat up your bolognaise sauce (this is my recipe Bolognaise Sauce) a little in the microwave then put into your mini casserole dishes or ramekins. Top with mashed potato and some grated cheese. I also added a little paprika.

Put in the oven for about 20 mins or until the cheese has melted and the sauce has warmed through and serve with a side salad.

NOTE: I wouldn’t serve this to young children as the dishes are very hot. Just scoop some out for them or alternatively make a large pie in a baking dish and serve individual portions.

Mini Shepherds Pies

Thai Chicken and Cashew Nut Stir Fry

Chicken and Cashew Nut

I love Thai food. I love eating it and I love making it and Chicken and Cashew Nut has become a favourite in our house.

I got this recipe when I went to Thailand on our honeymoon. We stayed at Ao Nang Beach, Krabi and went to a little Thai Cookery School there. Lucky for us we were the only students on the day so we got a private lesson which was great. We made a few recipes that day but this was my favourite.

You’ll notice that there is ketchup or tomato sauce in this recipe. Sounds a little odd for Thai but that’s what the little Thai lady told us so that’s what I do too. I did add the capsicum but you can leave that out.

The recipe calls for some chilli as well but just adjust this to your taste. If you’re making it for young children you can leave it out altogether.

Thai Cookery School


This is Wes and I at our cooking class.

; Add the spring onions and turn off the heat
; – (recipe)

Thai Chicken and Cashew Nut Stir Fry

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Authentic Thai dish with chicken and cashew nuts
2-3 People

2-3 People

Thai Chicken and Cashew Nut Stir Fry

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Authentic Thai dish with chicken and cashew nuts
2-3 People

2-3 People


Servings: People

  1. Add oil to a hot wok and brown chicken

  2. Add onion and garlic and fry for a few minutes

  3. Add the capsicum, cashew nuts and chilli

  4. Deglaze the pan with the water

  5. Add the oyster sauce, soy sauce, black soy, ketchup, sugar

  6. Add the spring onions and turn off the heat

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Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Everyone loves a good spag bol and I’m no exception. It’s my absolute favourite dish. I’ve had many different versions over the years but I really love this recipe. It’s a beautifully rich and flavourful sauce. It was given to me by a friend many years ago and I have been making it ever since. It’s a staple in our house now and the kids love too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

500g beef or pork mince

1 large onion

1 clove of garlic crushed

1 teaspoon of powdered beef stock or 1 beef stock cube

2 heaped tablespoons of tomato paste

1 can of diced tomatoes

2 tablespoons of tomato sauce or ketchup

2 tablespoons of chopped fresh parsley or dried

1 tablespoon of chopped fresh chives or dried

1 teaspoon of chopped fresh basil or dried

Parmesan cheese

Sauté onions in large saucepan, add garlic and mince until the mince is browned.

Then add your stock and tomato paste. Then add your canned tomatoes, tomato sauce and herbs. Add a little water now too. Just swish some around the empty tin of tomatoes. You may need a little more as well but just depends how saucy you like it.

Leave to simmer for about 15mins. In the meantime cook your pasta as per the instructions.

Serve with some freshly grated Parmesan and fresh basil. This recipe should serve about six.

Tip: Add some extra vegies like carrot and mushrooms finely diced. My kids are still young and don’t even realise they’re in there.

Also, if you have left overs you can make a shepherds pie with it. Just heat it up a bit and put into an oven proof dish and top with mashed potato and grated cheese. Put it in the oven until it is heated right through and the cheese has melted. Or simply freeze for another day.