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Easter Egg Centrepiece

Easter Centrepiece

It’s Good Friday today and I promised my daughter we could do some Easter craft. I bought a few things from the craft store last week not really knowing what I was going to make but when I got it all out I decided on a table centre piece.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. 6 x foam eggs

2. 12 x skewers

3. Paint in colours of your choice. We choose pink of course.

4. Glitter of your choice. Again we choose pink.

5. Paint brushes

6. Shredded tissue paper

7. Ribbon

8. Glass or vase

Firstly, insert a skewer into each egg. Then paint. You may need two coats. Then sprinkle glitter all over the wet paint on the eggs. Place eggs in the vase on the skewer to dry.

Once dry put some clean skewers in the eggs and place them in the vase. Put some ribbon around each skewer and fill vase with tissue paper.

Easter Centrepiece

Didn’t turn out too bad for a last minute thing. Looks nice on the table and as ours is pink would be cute on an afternoon tea table.

Easter Centrepiece


Hope you all have a great Easter!


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Alien Antenna Headband

Alien Antenna Headband

This is my first craft post. My daughter I asked me to make this with her. It’s very simple but she had fun making it.

What you will need:

1 headband

2 cupcake cases

1 pipe cleaner (we used two because my daughter wanted different colours)

Sticky tape

Black texter

Optional – glue and glitter


Draw a black dot in the centre of each cupcake (apply glue and glitter if you like)

Cut the pipe cleaner in half, tape each cupcake case to each pipe cleaner

Tie each pipe cleaner to the headband