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How to make a Monogram Hair Clip Holder


It’s time to get crafty! I haven’t done many crafty posts yet. Unfortunately, it can be a bit time consuming but I did make this cute little hair clip holder recently for my niece and thought I would share it with you.

Here’s what you will need:

Wooden Oval Plaque from Kaiser Craft

Small wooden letter from Kaiser Craft

PVA Glue

White paint

Pink paint

Paper flowers and jewel

Pink Ribbon

1 sheet of patterned scrapbook paper

Paint brush and scissors

Decoupage glue and sealer


Firstly, paint the back and sides if your wooden oval with a white undercoat and leave to dry.

Also paint your letter with a white undercoat and leave to dry (only paint the front)

Paint the back and sides with pink paint and leave to dry

Paint your letter pink and leave to dry

Place your paper over the oval and press down with your fingers around the edge so it leaves an indentation. Then cut around the oval shape.


Glue onto your wooden oval with PVA glue and leave to dry.

Brush the back of your oval with decoupage sealer and leave to dry.

Brush the front and sides of your oval with decoupage sealer.

Brush the front of your letter with decoupage sealer.

Glue on your letter and flowers/jewel.


Glue the ribbon on the back at the bottom (I singed mine at the bottom with a match to stop it from fraying)

To hang it up you can use some Command 3m Velcro Picture Hanging Strips.

The hair clips in the these photos were also made by me but I will show you how to make those in another post.




I hope you like this little craft project. If you give it a try please share it with me.