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Chalkboard Calendar and Shopping List


Chalkboard Calendar

It’s February already and I don’t have a calendar up yet. I usually have one hanging in the kitchen with some beautiful island destinations just to tease me but I just hadn’t got around to getting one yet.

I remembered I had bought some chalkboard contact before Christmas so thought I would make a calendar and shopping list out of it.

What you will need: 

Some Chalkboard contact. There is a lot of different brands out there. Amazon has a great selection too such as Con-Tact Brand Self-Adhesive Multi-Purpose Chalkboard Liner, 18-Inches by 6-Feet. You will also need a Sharpie pen, pencil, scissors, ruler and chalk.

Chalkboard Calendar

Cut out the contact in the shape you want. I drew the outline in pencil on the back and then cut it out.

Chalkboard Calendar

Measure and draw on your boxes with pencil. Do seven across and five down. When you are happy with it go over your lines with a Sharpie pen. I chose silver. I also wrote the days of the week with the Sharpie pen as this will never change. You can also draw on a boarder.

Now peel off the backing and carefully place it where you would like it to go. Write in chalk the current month and dates and it’s ready to go.

For the shopping list I cut out the contact in my desired shape and wrote ‘Shopping List’ at the top with my Sharpie pen and drew on a boarder or you could write everything in chalk if you like.

Shopping List

Now I just have to remember to write in important dates on the calendar and things I need on the shopping list!