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Avon’s Stardust Nail Polishes

Jewel Blue

It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post but I had share with you Avon’s Stardust Nail Polish range.

I love painting my nails and I love a bit of glitter so these polishes are right up my alley. They are beautiful and sparkly and I’m totally in love with them. Once it’s on it does feel a bit rough to the touch and it can take a lot of remover and rubbing to get it off but I don’t mind. Still love them.

Sparkling Purple

I only have a few colours at the moment but will definitely be collecting them all. I did have the pink too however, it has gone to the black hole somewhere in my house which I have yet to find. i.e. my kids have taken it!! Sooo annoying! Hubby still can’t understand why I’m so upset about it.

Precious Pink


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