Sanyang Textile Co.,Ltd.

                            San Yang Textile Co., Ltd.

                            Add: NO.106, Liqi Rd. Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Provice, China    


                            Entity management, brand management, capital management is the healthy development of the company.

                            Mature, differentiated management concepts to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises (2008-2016)

                            1, management concept

                            After five years of development, the rapid investment in hardware, resulting in a serious mismatch between software and hardware, there is a vacuum management, management has become the focus of future work.

                            2008, strategic and tactical upgrades

                            With the help of the international financial crisis, the company put forward the strategy of conservative, tactical upgrade, reduce and avoid large-scale strategic investment, the introduction of a comprehensive competitive mechanism, strengthen internal management upgrades. The internal institutions adhere to the flat principle, reduce the level of management, expand the management level, the separation of management functions and affairs, centralized decision-making and management rights, responsibilities and benefits of liberalization, parallel efforts to strengthen the management of decentralization, responsible person.

                            2009, the initiative to reform, focus on the implementation of

                            Cruel is the best external external environment to promote the upgrading of the internal management of the company, the company to "take the initiative to reform, focus on implementation" as the focus, adhere to the "quantitative index, refinement function and strengthen balance"; focus on customers, focus, focus evaluation index; pay attention to the market, pay attention to the financial and technical renovation; to establish a technology center, QC department, management department, planning department, trade department and financial department, system efficiency centered supervision status, with balance of power driving force.

                            In order to reduce consumption, pressure costs, efficiency, guaranteed profit as the central task of improving the effectiveness of the series of reforms to be implemented, and the establishment of the effectiveness of the team to promote the implementation of the effectiveness of the full implementation of the reform of the series landing.

                            2010, concerned about the implementation, strengthen checks and balances

                            Companies continue to implement the "reform" measures and "efficiency" plan, strengthen enforcement, and through the checks and balances to improve execution, by examining the new problems and loopholes, take measures to solve the problems, to promote the company to further improve the management system. It will further refine and extend the standard and scope of "efficiency", and further refine the target task to more specific and detailed indicators. Strengthen the supervision of the work process, greatly enhance the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, and promote the realization of the indicators.

                            2011, raise standards, serious process

                            In 2010 the company exposed the short board, the company proposed to enhance the standard and serious process, by focusing on the objectives, focus, focus, focus team continued to details, and QC department located in the quality control system of the establishment and promotion of the leading departments, enhance product quality management function. Technology center is the key to quality control system.

                            2012, to enhance the standardization of standards, serious process procedures

                            This is a sublimation of the direction of work in 2011, so that the transformation of the work from the personality into the system, from personalized to standardized, it is necessary to pay attention to the team, pay attention to go hand in hand, pay attention to step by step. Continue to strengthen the quality control department and technology center functions, promote the establishment of a production system of standardized quality control system, and highlights the process leading parts of the three potential and fine.

                            In 2013, a further extension of standardization and procedures

                            Establish and improve a comprehensive incentive and restraint mechanisms; the establishment of a special evaluation mechanism, strengthen the evaluation and disposal, promote the establishment of standardization and procedure; change evaluation mechanism, highlighting the effectiveness of management, promote the function in place; to break the traditional "big pot", encourage advanced spur backward.

                            2014, heavy system, efficiency

                            To further promote the incentive and restraint mechanism, transfer mode, promoting function, system, effectiveness; effectiveness in affairs results management functions; highlight the financial and planning functions, financial management will be applied to the production, marketing and management of the three systems, the best match play humanfinancial material source.

                            2015, to pragmatic as the focus of work, to promote the integration of full management

                            Based on the unified thought before 2014 this year, the focus is pragmatic, all in pursuit of efficiency; efficiency target in current company system, and efforts to promote the full participation, by the combination of cross sectoral, cross system, the optimum configuration to create a good large and small system resources, and ultimately to promote efficiency the implementation of.

                            2016, strong data, promote transformation

                            The 2015 is the company's development, and strive to change the transition year, highlighting the plan in this year, the role of technology, and through the introduction of digital information, the digital business preliminary applied in marketing, production and logistics in the three systems, in order to guide the work flow and data flow management to realize the full upgrade out own a solid step. In 2016 the focus of the company still catch data, and promote the transformation of the work on the data, the data strongly reflected in: first, system requirements and closed loop; second, the function of data using online and offline data collection data, diagnosis and analysis of data and application of data rectification; nature third, strong data is found inefficient work operation process in fourth, strong; the data reflected in the data stream guidance workflow, namely efficiency; promote the transformation in the following: first, extensive to fine transformation, its performance in the standard; second, fuzzy to digital transformation, which is reflected in the plan; third, the individual to the staff, the purpose, fourth; free to regulate, the reflected in the system thinking; fifth, today to tomorrow, which is reflected in the decision.

                            2, investment philosophy

                            When it comes to the development of enterprises, the traditional concept is to invest a lot of money to buy a large number of new equipment to achieve capacity expansion, which is often a waste of idle resources. In the industry transition period, the development of three companies, no more money, only to dig out the original idle resources to maximize resource utilization, which is a form of development that is in line with the development mode of "12th Five-Year" intensive industry in transition.

                            Integrated utilization of hardware resources

                            In 2009, the company timely adjustment of product structure and management mode, to inefficient resources to benefit, the "potential energy" into effect, make full use of hardware resources, space and human resources, the integration of the relocation of compact spinning and twisting equipment, to free resources to greatly improve the efficiency of the equipment utilization rate and the rate of space. The integration of hardware resources, the company's production efficiency and brand effect has been greatly improved.

                            In 2010, three company of hardware resources integration and upgrading, integration of the relocation of part of the equipment, with a small investment increased 100 thousand spinning production capacity, while also leveraging a number of other potential resources capacity and idle resources play, and give full play to the import of comber equipment efficiency. After integration, labor productivity has been greatly improved, product quality is more stable.

                            Double twist effect

                            In 2011, the company expanded double twisting project, production capacity from the original 200 Taiwan double twist (40 thousand spindles) to 300 units (60 thousand spindles), and uses Sura's double twisting equipment, and introduced a complete set of disposable Schlafhorst doubling machine, to create a first-class professional twisting manufacturer, at the same time, creating a great brand effect for the company. Twisting the expansion project, just put a small amount of funds, increase and update part of the equipment, the equipment efficiency, management and space resources, marketing resources and other factors to maximize, to achieve substantial reductions in unit costs, further extension of this "efficiency" is a series of reform of the company is more intensive the development of performance.

                            3, marketing concept

                            Opinion leader

                            The rapid development of enterprises is a shortcut to leveraging the brand. In terms of marketing, the company has gone through a difficult first easy brand leveraging route, focusing on all important resources to capture influential customers, to play the role of opinion leaders. Leveraging YOUNGOR, Lu Tai and other high-end enterprise market authority to enhance the company's visibility and brand gold content.

                            Mutual market, mutual resources

                            In 2009, with the advantage of high-end enterprises greatly enhance the company's ability to control the risk, focusing on key customers, combination, learn from each other and the concept of channel experience, the initial establishment of enterprise alliance, mutual market, mutual resources, ensure the survival of the enterprise.

                            Supply chain, distribution chain, production collaboration chain, the three parties, the public relations

                            In 2011, the company to target customers for the direction of establishing supply chain, cooperative production chain, distribution of public relations chain collaboration alliance between the three, pay attention to the target customer contribution rate, pay attention to the lifetime value of target customers, marketing system transformation from product marketing to public relations marketing.

                            Change the marketing model, from marketing products to marketing customers

                            In 2012, promoting the transformation of marketing mode, marketing products to customers by marketing, and give the matching target customers special care and services, pay attention to the target customer contribution rate, focus on key customer customer lifetime value.

                            Deepen marketing customers, set up a large customer department

                            In 2013, the company entered into a marketing strategy to deepen the implementation of the customer, the establishment of large passenger Department, the establishment of full-time staff stationed in large customers, in product development, sales orders, after-sales service, etc..

                            Marketing model from horizontal to vertical network

                            In 2014 to strengthen the professional division of the market, the establishment of professional division; the market (customers) demand, let people hear the command of combat; give the professional division of the full implementation of the decision-making power; double marketing plan.

                            Create professional business model

                            2015-2016 the most important work is to promote the marketing system PBC management, and the professional services department signed an agreement for performance management. In the professional division under the establishment of regional marketing center, to build a large team, weakening regional offices, and strengthen the professional division. Continue to promote the construction of the division and the office of youth, while promoting talent echelon construction, increase the training of new salesman.

                            4, the brand leveraging, with less

                            Brand positioning and implementation of PIMA tag

                            In 2008, the company put forward the brand positioning of the PIMA tag, the promotion of PIMA tag in 2009 has a good starting point, has become an important brand distributors at home and abroad. PIMA tag brand promotion is a long-term strategy, in the future will continue to focus on brand marketing as a persistent promotion.

                            Focus on brand operation

                            Sanyo company brand to break the traditional mode of operation, a coarse to fine brands, brand companies do focus on the promotion of fine, focus on the promotion of influential, with partners to enhance the brand influence effect of enterprises.

                            5, capital management

                            Capital management is the inevitable outcome of the development of the company to a certain extent, through the integration of industry resources, the expansion of the capital market, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. This is not only the extension of brand building, but also the development of enterprises".

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