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Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake

I got a giant cupcake pan for my birthday last month and have been thinking what I could make with it. As it’s Christmas I thought I could use it to make a Chocolate Christmas pudding cake.

You will need:

Packet chocolate cake mix (cook as per instructions)

Giant cupcake pan or pudding steamer

1 cup of chocolate chips

Three jaffas lollies

Two spearmint leave lollies

I quantity of buttercream frosting

The pan I used was a Wiltshire one.
PARTYBAKE Big Cupcake Pan
I filled the top half only with a packet chocolate cake mix (a bit sinful I know but sometimes a packet mix is great when you’re pushed for time). I then added some choc chips to create the effect of the dried fruit. Probably about a cup.

It was the first time I’d used this pan but it took an hour to cook right through.

While the cake cooled I made some buttercream frosting You won’t need the whole lot but you can freeze the left overs for another time.

When it’s cooled cut the bottom off to make it flat. Put some of your frosting on the top and decorate with three jaffas and two spearmint leave lollies.



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Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

Christmas Wreath Cupcake

I love these little Christmas Wreath cupcakes. They are really easy to do but look very effective.

I made these using my vanilla cupcakes recipe and buttercream frosting You will also need some Christmas themed cupcake cases, white gel paste colouring, green gel paste colouring and red gel paste colouring.

Bake as per instructions on the buttercake recipe link.

Make the frosting as per the buttercream frosting link. When the cakes have cooled completely divide the frosting into three. Two thirds colour white and the other third colour half green and half red. When the cupcakes are cool cover with the white icing. Put back into the fridge until the icing is firm. Using a small star shaped piping tip, pipe stars in a circle. Put back in the fridge until firm. Using a very small round piping tip, pipe a bow shape at the top and a few dots all around.