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Monogram Christmas Ornaments

Monogram Christmas Ornament Monogram Christmas Ornament Monogram Christmas Ornament

This is my first Christmas post. I love this time of year and love doing Christmas crafts and Christmas baking. I actually made these letters last year with my daughter. Of course she wanted hers pink which isn’t very Christmasy but she loved doing it. She did remind me that this year we need to include a letter for our pets too. I’ve done the ‘J’ for our dog, Jess but we will have to do another for our new kitten, Olley.

These are really easy to do and are great to do with the kids.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Small wooden letter

White acrylic paint

Coloured paint


Clear glue

3mm ribbon

Christmas embellishment

Here’s how:

Paint your letter in white and leave to dry (do a side at a time and around the edge)

Paint all over in the colour of your choice again doing a side at a time and around the edge and allow to dry. You may need a second coat of colour. I did two on mine.

Put some glue on one side and sprinkle on your glitter

Glue on your embellishment

Cut some ribbon and tie around your letter (or glue on at the back)


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Nail Art

My new beauty craze is Nail Art. I’m loving my nails again and have had a go at a few simple designs. There is so much you can do with your nails these days. Who knew?  I will keep practising and trying new designs and polishes so stay tuned or follow me on Instagram, Pinterest or Google+.


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Alien Antenna Headband

Alien Antenna Headband

This is my first craft post. My daughter I asked me to make this with her. It’s very simple but she had fun making it.

What you will need:

1 headband

2 cupcake cases

1 pipe cleaner (we used two because my daughter wanted different colours)

Sticky tape

Black texter

Optional – glue and glitter


Draw a black dot in the centre of each cupcake (apply glue and glitter if you like)

Cut the pipe cleaner in half, tape each cupcake case to each pipe cleaner

Tie each pipe cleaner to the headband